Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Potty trained!!

I hesitate to write this but I think it's true, Elliot is potty trained! (Finally!!) He has been doing so well. I hardly ever remind him and this week he's been going #2 on the potty all by himself. No accidents. He rarely even wants treats or prizes either. Sure there is still the occasional pee accident when he is very distracted playing outside but libby occasionally has that problem still and she s 2 yrs older. Hooray for only one in diapers!! 🎉

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Cute Siblings

I can't believe I didn't post these pictures we had taken at JCPenny in March. They turned out so great. Eleanor hadn't had a nap, was teething and had an ear infection and Elliot had just had a huge tantrum because I wouldn't let him go up and down the escalators over and over. Just shows how awesomely adorable these kids are.

Ella baby

Sitting so cute and trying to crawl away

Cute girl

Loving her baby doll

I love her smile!
My girls!
My boy!

Cute close up

Look at those lashes!

Loves soccer
I love this girl so much! This picture captures her beauty and the joy she brings us


The serious picture

Her favorite activity: Coloring

Probably my favorite of them, just so funny.
Love them!
A lot of pics ended up like this. By the time Elliot and Eleanor were looking, Libby would get bored and look the other way. Elliot was giggling and kept putting his hand over his mouth.

Monday, March 16, 2015

7 Months Old baby

How on earth is my baby 7 months old?! It went way too fast! She is so cute! Still a pretty perfect baby. She started sitting around 5 months and is a pro. She is now moving, not crawling, but she can get around through rolling and half crawling- she reaches as far as she can and then goes to crawling position and belly flops and sits back up. It's fun to watch her. She has also started to figure out how to go from tummy to sitting up, which means I had to lower the crib.
Sweet angel still sleeps amazing most nights. Naps are hit and miss, but sleeping through the night since a few weeks old is the greatest gift a child can give their parent. Eleanor weighs the same as 1 yr old libby did, lol. She is surprisingly only 65% though for weight at 17 lbs but 96% for height at 28 inches!! Shr reminds me a lot of liberty at that age. Cheerful and determined.
Eleanor is also eating baby food at dinner time and basically anytime I need to get something done in the kitchen I give her a handful of puffs or cheerios which she loves! She definitely prefers finger food to baby food. Liberty weirdly still likes baby food and offers to finish whatever Eleanor doesn't eat, it's really weird and kinda gross.
Picture time!
So proud of sitting herself up!
This was like 5 minutes before the other one, she was sound asleep 

I lover her new dress/outfit b/c it's orange and she looks super cute in it

practicing crawling

Funny face when she had a cold. She kept sticking her tongue out like a puppy

It's warm enough for swings!

First pedicure. it was much harder than I thought it would be. Wiggly toes

Fell asleep playing, it was so cute and sad and so uncomfortable looking. 

I can't set her down without her finding something she shouldn't have. She's going for some cheetos Elliot made the mistake of putting down within her reach

5 year old Liberty

I can't believe we have a 5 year old. It went by so fast. Although Liberty acts way older than 5 (her best friends are 7 & 8 yrs old), it's still hard to believe.

In January I took the girls to a ballet performance. It was fun and so cute! I can't wait till Libby's in a big performance! She loved it. We ended the night with some Baskin Robbins ice cream cones. 
Liberty still loves school and friends and being outside with her friends. This year we did a big party, a My Little Pony party to be exact.  It was pretty crazy and she got spoiled and she loved it. I was pretty proud of my drawing skills making a "pin the tail on the pony" game. Other activities were Rarity's jewel hunt and temporary tattoos.

We love our helpful 5 year old. She loves her little sister so much and is always trying to pick her up and make her laugh. Liberty is the smartest in her class and is starting to read. She loves to write sentences which is so cute. I love finding her funny notes and trying to decode the phonetic words. Her teacher says she can count to 89. Apparently she can't remember the 90s. I think her teacher really enjoys her, she always has good things to say about her. Libby also knows mommy's phone number and loves writing it all over the sidewalk in chalk...and on lots of her papers. I'm a little afraid to teach her our address because with how friendly she is, she'd probably tell everyone she meets.
At school they do "Friday Fun Day" where they paint their faces. Liberty of course loves it
Liberty still loves art. It is always trying to take over our house. I have to sneak throw away drawings all the time, because she "needs" all of them. I really should do better at mailing them to grandparents. Liberty is also still doing ballet. She is pretty good and knows what all the french names to the moves are. It's fun to watch the little girls practice. I think she will enjoy a faster pace type of dance though if we do it next year. She is frequently pulling her tutu up to her armpits and doing something silly.

Valentines party at play group

Looking too old!

We set up the picnic table from grandma and grandpa and the kids had to have a picnic as soon as the last screw was tightened, lol. 

Libby loves field trips because she gets to ride the bus!

Libby hitting the football pinata during superbowl half time. She was the one who broke it 2nd time around

I love that Libby can pump her legs on the swings

In a cardboard box "car"

Coordinating butterfly outfits

Monday, January 19, 2015


Elliot is in did that happen? He is certainly not old enough for that! He happens to agree and would much rather be in nursery. It has not gone well. I have a feeling it will be a long time before I get to go to my own classes again :(  He basically throws a tantrum the entire singing time, yelling "I wanna go home!" and then class time does not have toys or snack so that doesn't go great either. His teachers are from Brazil and don't speak super great english either so that makes it hard. They have tried really hard to get him to be happy, even bribing him with chocolate. Unfortunately he just yells "no" at them or "don't talk to me." They watched a little video about the plan of salvation and the whole time Elliot kept loudly saying "NO! I wanna watch Cinderelly! CINDERELLY!" I tried to convince him we'd watch it at home and that it was jesus's turn, but he did not care. Luckily he does pretty well during the coloring portion of class, but if I even stand up he freaks out. Sundays are rough. Thankfully Eleanor continues to be awesome and went all of church without eating and fell asleep in my arms while I tried to convince Elliot to be reverent during primary. She didn't make a peep. I was so amazed.

I started the potty training too. Its pretty horrible as i expected, but someday he will go on his own. Actually I should go check on him.

It's a good thing he is so darn cute though. I sure love him, even when he's being a little turkey.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Year Resolutions

I like the Annaliese posts her resolutions so I am copying that.  I hope it will help me feel more accountable for my goals. I am trying to make them attainable too. I think these will work for me. 

Becky's New Years Resolutions:

Physical Heath Goals 
  1. Work out 2x a week at the gym plus add at home exercises too. I have a decent amount of baby weight that needs to leave 
  1. Learn to like salad. I hate it so much, but I know its good for me and I want to eat healthier. I guess just eat more veggies in general. I don't know if I can actually like them or not.  
Family Goals 
  1. Teach my kids. I was so much better at doing "mommy school" type stuff when Libby was little and I didn't have 2 others vying for my attention. Now that we are getting used to having 3 kids, I want to do better. Elliot the ABC's, shapes, numbers (he's got about half the alphabet and I've actually heard him count to 13 correctly). Libby to read (she is getting really good at sounding small words out, so I think this will be fun and not too hard if I get consistent) and Eleanor to crawl, walk, talk and hope she stays the happiest baby ever! 
  1. Potty train the boy. It's past time. (Sigh). I really don't want to, but it needs to be done.  
Organizing and Etsy Goals 
  1. Sew down my fabric stash. I want to have a sewing day like 1x a month or something where I just get as many projects done as possible. I have a lot I should do.  
  1. Get into a better/more productive cleaning routine and be more organized. I got a filing cabinet for Christmas and I am hoping to cut down on paper clutter and file the mail as I open it. 
Spiritual Health 
  1. Go to the temple 1x a month 
  1. Read something uplifting everyday 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Liberty's Ballet Recital

Liberty started Ballet in August at a studio walking distance from our house (the main reason I chose it).  She has made lots of friends there and is doing well. It's pretty cute to watch them and about half the kids have a sibling close to Elliot's age that's in the waiting area so we all enjoy going. In June the class will be performing with all the older kids in a production of Sleeping Beauty. I"m excited, i'm sure it'll be adorable.  For Christmas they did a little in class recital for the parents. It's the Chinese dance from the Nutcracker.  Libby did much better in class practicing then on the video, I think she must have gotten nervous. All the girls were very excited when the teacher told them they got to wear special sparkly tutus for the performance. (Sorry for the shakiness, we were holding kids while recording)